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The Best Kept Secrets of the Tourism Industry:

You don’t need no experts to plan your trip!
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An expert on the subject of tourism and a former senior executive for a traveling agency reveals why there is no need to pay any money for trip planning.
  • You don’t need no experts to plan your trip! You can do it on your own for free!!!
"Find out for yourself how easy it is to plan your own trip abroad, a trip that allegedly requires an expert’s work, a trip of the highest quality with no planning expanses!"
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On the afternoon of a beautiful summer day two couples left their homes for a trip to Poland.

The couples were very much alike, both left two kids at home under the supervision of their grandparents, both were middle class people; both lived in the same neighborhood.

Both couples visited Poland's tourist attractions and stayed for the same amount of time. Both couples returned on the same flight back home. But there was one small difference:
One of the couples was disappointed. This couple returned with sore feelings of waste. They have spent 7200$. The other couple enjoyed their trip very much, they saw everything Poland has to offer and spent only 3000$.

What made such big difference?
My name is Lee Bernstein. And if we are similar, you’ll surely insist on getting everything you paid for and more. I wrote a guide to a successful trip with the best tips and offers, found on the internet. This E-book contains the most successful methods for planning a trip abroad; the planning strategies that it contains can save you up to thousands of dollars.
You must understand that I am not only a writer of successful guide books, but I was once a director of a big traveling agency. I've learned a lot and had lots of fun. I have met many people who traveled a lot, and it opened my eyes.
During my years of work I saw many families, couples and single people literally, throwing their hard earned money away. It was only because they didn’t know any better. If they could have only known the best way to plan a trip abroad, like I do…..
This is how the E-book "Guide for Planning a Trip Abroad – Poland as an Example" was born!
This guide is the true essence of my knowledge and contains the details of how to make a trip abroad possible.
Now, you too can enjoy amazing trips to other countries, finding the best hotels, utilizing your vacation time to the limit, missing absolutely nothing and it’s all for free!
Let me share an example with you:
If a person goes to a professional tour consultant he pays hundreds of dollars for planning his trip. By planning it yourself you can save all this money.
Let me tell you a little secret:
The tour consultants and traveling agents will never tell you about their methods.
Another well-kept secret of the tourism industry:
The experts that plan your trip have never been to your destination!

The so called experts use free online software to repackage all free information found on the web, and sell it back to you for prices that can reach tens and sometimes thousands of dollars. 

So why am I telling you all these secrets?
I believe with all my heart that this information should become common knowledge since it is online.
The internet belongs to everybody.
Everyone should be able to use the internet for their own benefits.
I believe there should be an end to the closed guilds.
The "Guide for Planning a Trip Abroad – Poland as an Example" contains many important details.
It provides full, step by step guidance of the different steps needed in order to plan and reserve a trip abroad (Flights, hotels, rented cars, excursions and more).
The planning takes place with the help of free online tools and tested methods for finding the cheapest prices with the best quality available.
When is the best time to go?
Where is the best place to visit?
How much time should we spend in each location?
How should we pick our traveling route?
How to pick the best hotels? What are the most interesting and important attractions?

These and many other questions are answered in this amazing E-book.
This is not another guide-book for a trip to Poland! This is an important instrument that will allow you to plan a trip to any destination abroad.
Question: My family and I are planning to go to France this summer. How can this book be of any assistance? We are not interested in Poland.
Answer: Poland is just an example. This e-book provides you with instruments that allow you to plan a trip abroad to any destination of your choice.
Question: Why Poland?
Answer: The book is constructed in a manner that will allow anyone to understand, step by step, how to plan a trip abroad. This learning technique requires a specific example and Poland was chosen.
Question: And still, why Poland?
Answer: Poland is an interesting and fairly challenging destination, because a trip to Poland may contain many contradictions.
From a tourist's point of view, Poland is not very attractive. If you ask people where their dream vacation would take place, Poland will not be a common answer. Nevertheless, tourism in Poland is very much alive and those who consider themselves as true travelers must visit there.
In touristic terms Poland is considered to be boring; Monotonic views, flat topography, no sea or ocean, lots of rain etc. Moreover, Poland is not such a comfortable and inviting location for tourists, as other countries like the US, for example.
Nevertheless Poland is an ancient Jewish cultural center. It is part of the western cultural assets and cultural existence of memorial sites that are left from the Second World War, like Auschwitz for instance. Therefore, Poland and mainly Auschwitz are simply "must see" places for anyone who considers him or herself as a humanist. More than 1 million people come to Auschwitz each year and prove this very point.
Another important fact worth knowing is that Poland is not as costly for tourists as other places because they don’t use the currency of Euros yet.
All this can be yours for one small payment:
Now you can become a traveling expert.
You can plan trips for your friends and family.

You can become a professional traveling consultant.
You can assure a 100% fun on your next vacation.
You no longer have to spend lots of money on a trip and be disappointed.
My personal experience had taught me that anyone can learn the methods and instruments that allow professional planning of trips abroad and upgrade the travelers experience tremendously.
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